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Rachel Freitas

retro music enthusiast. Dreamer. Kind of odd. Writer

Interview: Epoch Failure

  Epoch Failure – members, Billy Joe Marrero (aka “Billy The Kidd”) and Nick Young (aka “Nickey Knoxx”) have forged a message through their music that is grounded in hope and ambition –an attribute gained from overcoming hard times in their respective lives. The fellas have created music that speaks to real issues in …

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Album Review. Cinders

  Cinders is certainly making a splash on their self titled debut album. From start to finish the band has put together an LP that some veteran artists can’t even come close to. “Dog Heart” kicks off the whole experience, and if the title sounds a bit strange to you, …

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Interview: Pamela Hute

1. How does being based in Paris influence your music? Paris is a lively city, I’ve always lived there so I’m not sure it really influences me. My music is about humans and relationships, my experiences, the lives of people I meet, characters in books or movies… so the environment …

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Interview: Josh Ward Taylor

1. Your new single “I’ve Gone Away” sounds very personal. How easy or hard is it for you to write and then put out to the public songs that come from a very personal place?   Even non personal songs are difficult to put out there to me. I just mentally …

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