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retro music enthusiast. Dreamer. Kind of odd. Writer

Album Review: Emily Kinney: This is War

On Emily Kinney’s latest album This is War listeners will find several consistent themes including her ideal of a perfect future, love letters to California, finding saviors in boys, and the bumps along the way On the bumpy track “Mess” which is about a boyfriend who “always leaves a mess behind,” …

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Album Review: Sweet Spirit. Cokomo

  On a whole Cokomo, (Out 10/16), by Sweet Spirit, a nine piece band out of Austin, is like scattered puzzle pieces. Each track on the LP plays a different part on the album. On their own they dabble into the folk, alternative, and retro (both 80s, 90s, and 60s) …

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E.P Review. Leave The Former: Nonsense

  Nonsense, the solo E.P. from Texas native Grace Castañeda, under the name Leave the Former, is dark and rich and captures the emotional and physical turmoil she experienced working in Germany for three years at an international record label. A once dream job turned nightmare fueled Castañeda to focus …

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Review: Honeymoon: Lana Del Rey

  Let’s face it. Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is a tough act to follow. When Del Rey teamed up with The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach studio magic was made, bringing a slight rock edge to her music. It was glorious and majestic and it’s no wonder it was met …

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Interview: Boymeetsworld

For Craig, Ryan and Brad (Sulken):What is it like to be in a band with your brothers? Awesome and annoying. 2.What was growing up in Cincinnati like? Did it have an effect on your music? Growing up in Cincy we were always out and about doing fun stuff having adventures …

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Jaeger Wells Interview

  1.What inspired you to become a musician? Jaeger:Ever since I can remember I have been a music fan. It was something that always felt like it was an extension of my soul – so for me it was an easy decision to become a musician. I was hearing all …

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Interview: The Living Statues

In their own words, Milwaukee rock foursome The Living Statues (Tommy Shears, Chris Morales, Alex Thornburg, and Zak Rickun) sound like they “inhaled the sounds of ’64 off an LP of A Hard Day’s Night and coughed up Jack White’s blood onto Cream City brick.” I recently caught up with …

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Album Review. Vermillion Road – Palaces

  The members of Denver based hard rock band Vermillion Road, according to their biography, aim to “spread positive energy and self-empowerment to all their listeners,” and there is no mistaking their intentions throughout their album Palaces. The first track “Tread on Me” literally begins with lead singer Will Robison …

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