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Rachel Freitas

retro music enthusiast. Dreamer. Kind of odd. Writer

Album Review. The Hosts: Moon

  The Hosts have just released their second full length album Moon and while it isn’t as perfect as their first LP it still retains their signature retro sound and at the same time ventures out into some new musical territory. “Baby Move On” is the most infectious track on …

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EP Review. Phosphene:Breaker

  Phosphene, headed by vocalist Rachel Frankel, have released their EP Breaker, a five song package that is sure to sweep listeners off of their feet from note one. The first track “Be Mine” is a dreampop dream, effortlessly ethereal thanks to the soothing and magical vocal performance by Frankel. …

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Album Review. Pepper: Ohana

Just in time for the summer Pepper have released their seventh studio album entitled Ohana, which is sure to give listeners a reason to rejoice. The LP on a whole is very consistent throughout, channeling beach vibes served up in alternative pop songs, but it is the second half of …

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Interview: Saniye

  You were born in Germany and have a Turkish background. Does that influence your musical at all? If so, how? Good question! I get asked that a lot but truthfully I was only in Germany until I was three years old. Music I was listening to then was German …

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