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Student and long-time concert attendee/music listener trying to do something productive with their hobbies.

Album Review: As It Is – okay.

The internet has brought about many good and useful things. Netflix, the ability to order food with minimal human interaction, and keeping in touch with friends across the globe, are to name but a few. A rather unexpected result of the growth of the online community is, however, its effect …

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Album Review: Tirade – Tirade

Tirade’s latest offering comes in the form of a seven-song self-titled EP. Self-described as a mix between alternative rock, British rock, and pop punk, this isn’t necessarily a record which breaks any ground. It does, however, demonstrate a great deal of talent and a good feel for the music they …

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Album Review: Yellowcard- Yellowcard

Yellowcard’s self-titled final album is unequivocally just that—a final album. From its heartfelt lyrics thanking fans for their dedication, to its tendency to linger on the final notes of every song, this is an album that says goodbye. It feels perfected and put together, as if they have ensured this …

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Album Review: Of Mice & Men – Cold World

Of Mice and Men’s fourth studio album, Cold World, is a welcome addition to the metalcore scene, and it is one of the most intensely personal and emotive albums I have listened to this decade. Vocalist Austin Carlile found inspiration for this record through his struggle with chronic illness, but …

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