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Jake Kussmaul

I come from a family who is passionate about all things music. I learned to sing at an early age, and by 13, had my very own Fender Strat guitar. I tried my hardest at learning all that I could. Because I was born with cerebral palsy, I had to teach myself an adaptive playing style. I learned to write and record my own music, despite these difficulties. In college, I started making great use of my writing abilities by reviewing music, as well as copy editing. I guess it's best to stick with what you know, while welcoming a fair challenge at the same time.

Album Review: The Drones – Feelin’ Kinda Free

Australian alterna-champs The Drones have returned in a league that shatters any stylistic boundaries in all of music. Vastly expanding since their 2000 debut in Perth’s isolated but rich underground, the Melbourne-based quartet ceases to look back. I’d consider their aesthetics in the vein of AC/DC: they’ve bordered the simplicities …

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Interview with Blackey Lor of Midnight Mob: “The fact that I front a rock band is truly God’s sense of humor”.

New York City’s Midnight Mob has kept their music just like the environment around them—gritty, diversely expressive, and true-to-heart. Their reputation for building solid performance rapport, as well as genuinely unified communication with fans over their half-a-decade career has been rightfully earned. Both the band and fans are stoked about …

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Album Review: The KVB – Of Desire

Since 2010, The KVB has fueled their efforts into a presentation worthy of turning heads and tickling hearts. All that Nicolas Wood and Kat Day project to listeners plays misty and mysterious, yet reveals a blunt honesty—so dreamlike, and yet so achingly real. Their dark new wave aesthetics have consistently …

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An Interview with Matt Fazzi of Rare Futures: “Love is a multi-layered beast that, depending on what perspective you are looking from, can be very different from one person to the next.”

For over a decade, multi-instrumentalist Matt Fazzi has made the most of channeling his assets into numerous projects. Whether you’d prefer his tenures in the prog-influenced Facing New York, the underappreciated New Again album of Taking Back Sunday, or the introspective Happy Body Slow Brain, Fazzi has given every opportunity …

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EP Review: Dear Adamus – Afterlight

Some days of light rain are marred by off-green skies and murky air–tell-tale signs of an unpleasant storm on the horizon, which sometimes amplifies states of heartbreak, confusion, and general distress. However, other days may prove quite healing in low times; their sole activity consists of that gentle drizzle pattering …

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EP Review: Via the Verge – S/T

Norman and Tulsa-based Via the Verge is a collective of progressive musicians who not only do what they love, but strive to impact and inspire. Initially formed as an instrumental trio in 2013, the Oklahoma band has become a full-fledged quintet by the addition of vocalist Joseph Kelm and second …

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Interview with Steve “Lips” Kudlow of Anvil: “…If you measure life on the people you meet, the places you go, and your experiences, I’m a billionaire!”

Once you begin listening to Anvil, you’ll never look back. Their initial 80s output—Hard ‘n’ Heavy (1981), Metal on Metal (1982), and Forged in Fire (1983) — is essential to thrash’s expansion worldwide. Subsequent releases will leave you equally shocked as to why the band’s credibility has only recently been …

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