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A music lover of many genres, I was raised on classic rock gods and goddesses. My main tastes tend to gravitate toward the heavy metal and punk genres and sub-genres as a result of my upbringing, with the occasional wandering into the EDM scene. I am also a lover of cats, monster flicks, anthropology, electronics, coffee, and adventure role-playing games.

Album Review: Palisades – Self-Titled

Electronic hardcore band Palisades are back after two years with their long-awaited and incredibly emotive self-titled album. Available now via Rise Records, the band delivers an intense sound that pulls no punches over the course of 11 tracks. Formed in 2011, the six-piece group from Iselin, New Jersey is made …

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Album Review: September Mourning – Volume II

September Mourning is reviving the gothic rock opera with their full-length debut, Volume II. Available now, this album’s 12 tracks weave a thrilling narrative following a heroine who narrowly saves pure souls from the appetite of Fate. The Los Angeles heavy alternative quintet is September (vocals), Riven (guitar), Wraith (guitar), Shadou (bass), and Stitch (drums). …

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Album Review: Wakrat – Self-Titled

What a wild ride 2016 has been, and that’s putting it mildly. From the political affairs of America to Brexit, various events have put many parts of the world into a state of turmoil that toes the line of chaos. In this unrest comes Wakrat’s self-titled debut album. Quite possibly …

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EP Review: Art Of Dying – Nevermore

Art Of Dying continues on their unstoppable trajectory to the top with their latest EP Nevermore, out on September 2nd. This six-track collection is packed full of strength, determination, and drive. The Vancouver-based hard-rock band formed in 2004 and is made up of Jonny Hetherington (lead vocals), Tavis Stanley (guitars), …

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Album Review: Stitched Up Heart – Never Alone

Delivering driving rhythms and anthemic songs that are as unrelenting as they are soulful, is the hard rock band Stitched Up Heart with their debut full-length album, Never Alone. Available now via Another Century Records, these 12 tracks exude confidence and make for a journey of self-awareness and solidarity. Formed …

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EP Review: Heyrocco – Waiting On Cool

The intriguing alternative rock act Heyrocco‘s EP Waiting on Cool is available now via Dine Alone Records and Vital Music Group. This thrilling 6-track EP is full of complex melodies and captivating lyrics that is unique and refreshing in the modern rock scene, but would have also stood out from …

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