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Meghan Shanley – Ready for Love

Meghan Shanley – Ready for Love

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With her genuine warmth and dynamic stage presence, Meghan Shanley blends beloved standards with a delightful taste of jazz and soul to deliver a compelling performance every time she steps to the microphone. Meghan also shares unique original tunes that harken back to a classic era. Winner of the Miss Virginia title, Meghan discovered an insatiable appetite for meeting fans and making new friends during a life on the road that saw her traveling over 3,000 miles a month in the wake of her win.

With a deep love of music, Meghan discovered that she loved touring as well and began to focus on the pursuit of a career in music. She followed her passion from her home state of Virginia and headed to Nashville. Meghan Shanley is a colorful, vibrant artist who recently moved to Nashville from Virginia. This former Miss Virginia possesses the soulful flair and her music has true roots of Blues based Jazz and even Radio friendly Pop. During my initial research on her I was actually blown away with what I discovered. Becoming Miss Virginia doesn’t just happen. Although I am not a beauty contestant judge by any stretch of the imagination, all of the above is probably a by-product of hard work, due diligence and of course making a good impression upon judges and people in general. All of the above carries over into her music, and latest debut release Ready for Love released in 2014 hits on all cylinders. It’s this formula that probably won her the title. What Can My Ears Expect? First off: Shanley’s overall style is somewhat electrifying defined by a soulful croon, a lively musical background and a genuine spirit that puts on display strong vocals, harmonies and some great hooks. Many tracks are straight from the heart filled with passion, easy to digest lyrics, and a voice and personality that re-energize the soul. Many tracks are very compatible to a radio environment like Ready for Love, One Day, and Mysterious. Shanley‘s voice and personality fit this style of music well and her overall vibe made me feel quite positive. As you can imagine Shanley is a very attractive female  and knows how to turn it on vocally. I review a lot of music and one of the biggest most important challenges artists face these days is distinguishing their tracks so that they register with fans in a unique way. I always tell artists – just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. Here Shanley stands out from other indie artists in spades, and I noticed Meghan doesn’t seem to have any trouble hitting the higher notes either. Shanley has an edge to her sound, a “core ingredient” that goes beyond beauty. It’s how she makes the connection to the listener with her songs and with her vocal emotion that is the key. These are the primaries. A good song is a good song, no matter what style of music you are listening to. Sure you may notice things like good players, great melodies, good grooves, well thought out lyrics, and a good marketable look, voice and persona, but the “core ingredient” I mentioned cannot be taught in any textbook or by any vocal coach. It’s something that comes from the soul. This is the most important attribute I look for when evaluating music/talent and Meghan Shanley executes all of the above well simply by being herself.

The greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Betty Carter, Nancy Wilson, and June Christy were popular for this very reason. Songs like Synergy, Break My Heart, Never Will and Without You have a timeless, intimately close feel to them and will have you coming back long after the Ready for Love is over. Why? Because it tugs on your heart strings. It’s this formula that probably got Meghan the Miss Virginia title in the first place, and it’s this same formula that will garner continued success down the road, in whatever she peruses.

by Mindy McCall

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